ASS GRAB: Tyga GRABS Kylie Jenner’s ASS & KISSES Neck


Watch Tyga Grab Kylie Jenner’s Butt During Hot-and-Heavy PDA Session Courtesy – Splash News Courtesy – Instagram Subscribe now and watch more Hollywood Entertainment News at…

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  1. Mateus Maciel says


  2. Richardt Garibay says

    she a slut

  3. Joe Rivers says

    Asco asco

  4. chaosdream1 says

    reporter has fucked up voice af. shes adorable doe he is lucky.

  5. Jeannette Ruiz says

    what ass lol

  6. bb xx says

    yup she is a slut. i too slept with her

  7. Michael Davis says

    Your voice pisses me the fuck off.

  8. Rose Jones says

    your problem is stop call me a b** and stop contacting me move on with your life

  9. Praphet says

    Disgusting shit for kids to grow up to

  10. Madeline Rodgers says

    i hate this reporters voice its so annoying

  11. Alliana Reid Opril15 says

    No…fuck ur voice is to dumb to handle

  12. My name is says

    Her voice is annoy2

  13. liv says


  14. jecka Fernandez says

    they are couple so I don't see any problems with that ..

  15. EEE says

    ugh the accent though "Geeet a roooom uuuuu twoooooo"

  16. Emily Da cash madame says

    give the poor couple a break

  17. Lena R says

    how on earth did i end up here?!

  18. pantea cezar says

    wtf get a life

  19. Reabetswe Iman Moabi says

    I'm 25 and my dad would slit my throat if he saw me doing that

  20. Bbdovs11 Gassner says

    the voice on this video is horrific

  21. POC Skellington says

    Kylie dirty as hell with that nigga tyga

  22. Umar Iqbal says

    Shut up let them be free you fucking stalker

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