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  1. moonlight bae says

    Is Manu Rios perfect?

  2. Kendall Menifee says


  3. lisa hong says

    please do is alexandra daddario perfect?

  4. Noa Peltzer says

    Eye lid correction?

  5. ty is hashtag amazeballs says

    To me the only difference is lip fillers and eyelid lift

  6. Thuy Ho says

    Is madelaine petsch perfect

  7. ANYELOOH says

    Is loren gray perfect pls do that one pls pls

  8. xHarlequin says

    Only real difference I see is the lips and skin color. Looks like she got an eyelid lift but that could be the angle of the photo

  9. babyfruitbat says

    Looks like a brow/eyelid lift , lip filler and cheek filler . Probably normal for celebs

  10. madelon 0404 says

    great video! is it me or did she get ear surgery?

  11. Zübeyde Avcı says

    Give me the plastic surgeon's number kylie this is unbelievable

  12. Serina Halliwell says

    It's like watching a Pokemon evolve

  13. naomi zara says

    same baby hairs aha

  14. Olimpia G says

    You should do ‘celebs without surgery’ videos. For example, how Kim Kardashian would look without all her surgeries.

  15. Cayla says

    Contouring (and lip fillers) 😉

  16. MrsCurioCheerio says

    How’d she get a thicker hairline? Girl tell me your secrets

  17. haruhizuzu123 says

    its just lip injections, botox and brow lift, and makeup

  18. ahgajaye says

    her lips are so ugly

  19. Demi Demi Demi DemiDemi says

    Wow she got super tan

  20. Dua Lipa Fan Page says

    Oh my gerd her skin color, wat happened

  21. Luna System says


  22. Laurie Beth H says

    This confirms even more to me that she's had eyelid surgery

  23. Laura McNeil says

    she was pretty and cute before, and now she looks a lot more like Kim

  24. invaderjessea says

    She wants to be a kardashian so bad

  25. Russ Whitsitt says

    That's terrifying

  26. Opulence Phoenix says

    Wow she went from average to drop dead hot but her personality is awful.

  27. Giovanni Calabrese says

    did she have a facelift? why are her eyelids so different oof

  28. Abby Lynn says

    The only thing that stayed the same was her eye color lol

  29. Luca Marzoli says

    Is Doutzen Kroes perfect?

  30. Jimmy Tsai says

    Know I know she is a fake.

  31. Sergio says

    I dont feel that she looks that different, just the lips and that she is 6 years apart (or more) in those pictures

  32. Gabriela says

    Eyebrows and cheeks were lifted, and obviously there was lip injections, but besides that I can't clock anything else

  33. Ines Samia Ferri says

    Les yeux sont le reflet de l’âme, et seuls ses yeux sont restés semblables.

  34. Mia Furler says

    The eyelid looks so much better now. It makes her eyes look so beautiful and big. I might do it to myself bc it looks so good and is not that obvious

  35. Tia D says


  36. One of Billions says

    she was pretty and kinda unique before. She now just looks like every other bitch

  37. Shell Sand says

    Her eye crease and brow is higher than it was. Wondering if she got a brow lift.

  38. Amber Fall says

    This was very satisfying

  39. c s says

    How did her eyes go from hooded to not hooded…

  40. coolgirlgamer PUGS!!! says

    What's the point of this video? The kardashian and Jenner family always are photoshopped in photos anyway what is the point?

  41. Allinnorz says

    She is serving LOOKS nowadays.

  42. Yegane says

    She was better before

  43. Abigail Owen says

    Honestly – ye

  44. that hoe says

    Is josh dun perfect?

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