Kylie Jenner Receives $1.5 Million Push Present | Daily Pop | E! News


The “KUWTK” star received a $1.5 million Ferrari from her BF Travis Scott, but did the new dad go overboard? Watch “Daily Pop” weekdays at 12|11c on E! Watch Live from E! here:…

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  1. Sarah Ward says

    I got a bracelet. Lol

  2. Luy Santo says


  3. Account Treehouse says

    What the hell is a push present? Your child is your push present

  4. Mizu says


  5. Elizabeth Park says

    Lol oh Nina that is called wishful thinking. Although that would be GREAT, they would NEVER donate $1 mill when they can keep that for themselves. Neverrrrrrr.

  6. gabriel says

    Kim old ugly prostitute!

  7. Rico Style says

    I rather have the money but I'm poor, I don't​ know the lifestyle of getting million dollar gifts haha

  8. Jiren The savage says

    Niggas wasting money instead of investing.

  9. Patrick Wumbo says

    Leasing gifts are a thing now

  10. Zen Bona says

    Fake As$ TRASH

  11. fuckin rich people

  12. NigiVlogs says

    New LaFerrari's were sold only to ultra collectors that had multiple other Ferrari models. Now it's resale price goes over 3.5 millions so it couldn't be 1.4M.

  13. Olhha Hot News says
    Подписывайтесь на канал.

  14. كريمه الكريمه says

    Instead of talking about this, come to Uganda make avedio of women producing on floor, babies are dieing bse of no medicine,no clothes,no books,pens etc people will appreciate u than talking of Kylie, come to Uganda

  15. Trina More says

    Wtf is a push present. A baby is the greatest gift and it's being replaced by material things? If a mother has a C-section does she get a Cut present? Stupid materialistic people today

  16. blake bortles says

    duck lips got a new ride

  17. Vera Nchezor says

    These are all vain. Even if she gets the whole world if she is not heartedly whole and happy none of the expensive gift will make her happy.

  18. Latifa Jenkins says

    Can the baby even fit safely in that? I don't know never even seen one lol!! But get her something that represents she is a new mom!! Like a mini van lmao just kidding!!

  19. pricila says

    A car is boring

  20. S XC says

    As if these materialistic people would donate anything

  21. Tina C Brown Brown says

    Is that car even car seat friendly?

  22. 15gilove says

    not a big kylie jenner fan, but dont tell people how they should spend their money…donate to charity etc what not….. like what do u expect from them c'mon, they are the most materialistic family i have ever witnessed in my life.

  23. Tishlacombe 364 says

    my push present is in …

  24. Loraine Kat says

    This celebs do things not fr love but fr Fame and attention like y spend ksh cz she pushed ur baby instead of donating to the poor people r dying n u busy using occult money to gift sm cz she pushed ur baby .

  25. Necrobutcher82 says

    Blonde a dude? And wtf am I doing here

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