Kylie Jenner Shows Off Baby Stormi’s foot~ meanwhile Kim Kardashian shares a pic of Chicago west


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  1. Jessica Laffin says

    Why buy a sports car? You should get something safer for the baby.

  2. ETFbvbAA says

    Beautiful baby!!!!

  3. Laodan MacCana says

    Reminds me of the surrogates on the handmaids tale :(. All I can think of is the baby feeding from the other mother.

  4. Lady SunShine says

    I heard that Travis wasn't the baby father. Who cares about the Witches of Hollywood….
    No harm towards Lovely I'm just saying in general….
    Love your videos Lovely…………

  5. Crystal Marie says

    The shortest video ever lol

  6. Love Tiffanyjanise says

    Sooooo how's the weather today?!

  7. Maroonskys _29 says

    I don't get your notifications anymore. I'm subscribed and I have the notification bell on. YouTube is up to no good.

  8. Maroonskys _29 says

    I have nothing bad to say about their babies. But honestly instead of a Ferrari Travis Scoot should have bought Kylie a SUV to put the car seat in.

  9. 1.4million; l could live good off that, with a job part time.

  10. Haha Garcia says

    We need to stop glorifying these culture vultures and their enablers. Yes, that includes simp ass Coonye!

  11. latortura1986 says

    He should be buying her a car with a back seat

  12. Kiki Ladd says

    I love it. blessings.

  13. Maryse Luz says

    We love you !! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. sweetbabyboo5 says

    1.4 Million. A quarter of that would pay off my student loans.

  15. Vonte Brown says

    Fuck this appropriating black businesses stealing family

  16. juju Dee says

    Babies ☺

  17. Rochelle Myrie says

    If Travis had a baby with a regular smigular girl…would she receive that same car?

  18. Taylor Gang Vapor says

    Chi is so adorable. Looking good Ti!

  19. MelaninQueen * says

    Okay a Ferrari with a newborn? Damn don’t make no sense. And really. I’m not interested in seeing a baby’s foot. I’m not interested in that whole crew at all.

  20. Jamaica Babe says

    Is that JADA fire ????

  21. Diana M. says

    If he had 1.4 million to throw away, he should’ve put that to Stormi’s college fund. That’s just my two cents. At the end of the day it’s their money.

  22. Maia Jones says

    Thanks for serving the tea on my birthday getting ready to head out with my best friend to celebrate my 42nd birthday

  23. Maia Jones says

    Baby Chicago West is super cute.

  24. Colorful Codes says

    I'm shocked he bought her a car that expensive when she's the breadwinner.

  25. Angie Blaine says

    Can you please do commentary on the Florida school shooting i know it’s kind of late but I’ve been waiting to hear what you have to say about it

  26. Willett Reed says

    It’s probably not even paid for. Also what about the ring? Cute picture of baby Chicago.

  27. Keandrea Mack says

    That baby is so gorgeous

  28. Blissful Escape says

    And where we gone put the baby’s car seat in that car??? Oh right we ain’t thinkin bout the baby.

  29. dollheaven4 dollheaven4 says

    Travis Scott can afford a Ferrari? Yeah, ookkkay

  30. Sharla Gardner says

    Chicago West is gorgeous!

  31. Ms. Cherry says

    She need a jeep now shit she a soccer mom now lol

  32. Ms. Cherry says

    Could've named Chicago Oddessy i think it blends better but they baby

  33. Doyin M says

    Loving the current look Ti!

  34. Shawnna Eccle says


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