Internet FREAKS OUT Over Kendall Jenners TOES – Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama Go On DATE! (DHR)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ People have A LOT to say about Kendall’s latest photos, and Demi & Wilmer spotted together. All this & more on today’s DHR. For…

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  1. BadGirl42886 says

    Kendall Jenner’s sister is good at sucking black dick what it’s a compliment

  2. Gamer Ken says


  3. Mykeal Rose says

    Kendall is beautiful. I love her as a model

  4. Khalidah says

    Half of the video is about Kardashian… ok.

  5. This is why im so insecure about my feet

  6. Andrian Ramadhan says

    She made an Instagram page for Stormi

  7. Anisabella Endler says

    Why does everyone keep criticising Kendall jener. Leave her alone!!!

  8. Cyriella Patou says

    Kendall is real period!

  9. Xo MC says

    I hope Demi is happy again! I know they love each other so much they're just made for one another! ❤

  10. Unique Unicorn says

    Anytime I see Kendall’s photos I get so freaking motivated

  11. Nikhil Sonavane says

    Erin, you are so beautiful! ♥️

  12. Nikhil Sonavane says

    Demi and Wilmer should get back together ♥️

  13. Bethany Porter says

    She also hung out with Tom and his brothers in London some time around the BAFTA’s she also helped them film a vid for the brothers trust (Tom Holland’s charity)

  14. Cindarenee14 says

    Heels make your toes gross its not exactly her fault

  15. LadyLilithke says

    People are so stupid and pathetic. What the fuck do you expect and what fucking toes do you expect after wearing high heels constantly?! Are people that dumb that they don't realize that almost every celeb has problems with their toes because of those stupid high heels? They only know to hate and criticize, like they are perfect. They wouldn't resist a day in Kendall's or Kate's (Middleton) shoes (she was heavily criticized too). Not a Kendall fan, but I understand her. Grow up people and use your brains!

  16. Sade Metsävirta says

    people are such assholes

  17. My Lilly is My Flower says

    I totally love watching this show/podcast! The whole crew rocks!

  18. Cameron says

    4:12 when Naz shades clevver lol

  19. mitculizzle says

    Shes had those toes for so long .oh my word .

  20. xX Anime Xx says

    Why is Clevver news so obsessed with the Kardashians? I just wanna know

  21. This Is An Original Username says

    Lol they said they were close to four BILLION subscribers

    If I could only subscribe that many times

  22. christina love says

    I’m not obsessed with the Jenner/Kardashian family and I also have nothing against them either but like wtf is everyone attack her for her feet that’s just stupid as hell

  23. Lupe Beltran says

    This is ridiculous! Kendall is so beautiful! Her toes are fine! What do y'all want toes to look like!?

  24. Gabriela Alfaro says

    I don't care about the Kardashians I'm tired of them but DEMI… I LOVE HER and I hope she gets back with my beautiful Venezuelan Wilmer.

  25. Brenda P says

    Journalism is not about figuring out what kylies baby looks like ??? You stupid??? … most people like me only watch this shit because we're bored and need to make time pass

  26. Wendy Dickason says

    Kendell Jenner is gourgous and her toes look nice.

  27. Haley McCormick says

    My toes are as long as my pinky finger. Quit being such douche bags

  28. Mari Xpress Beauty says

    Did anyone notice the girl on the left twitch when the talked about kendalls toes

  29. Light Johson J says

    Naz girl I am gonna correct you,
    Wakanda Forever is for the African american community. I mean why cant black people have something for themselves. Its up to Latin americans and Asians to create their own work and superheros too. I am so sick of black culture being universal and being inclusive if your black you can relate. I dont see people begging white people or when Wonder Woman to become inclusive but is was overall an empowering movie for women. Let black people have their thing and be celebrated because we are all great! When you live in a society that puts you down, dismantles you, tells you your worthless that is why black people need black panther so sit down!

  30. Ash says

    Ppl can’t expect her to be perfect
    I bet those haters aren’t even perfect themselves

    When u ppl are completely perfect then talk crap about ok
    (I actually have terrible toes myself )

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