Miley Cyrus – Malibu (Official Video)


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  1. Kaltrina Bajgora says

    Peopleeee Liveeeee divasss newwww divasss anddd ariana bebeeee duaaaaa ritaaaaa nickiii minajjjj anddd iggyyyy Areee thissss theyyyyyy rockkkk itttt

  2. larry blanco says

    i love you miley cyrus

  3. Chelsea frimpong says

    This more like the 90s song.good it

  4. Ashley’s Pet Shop says

    Miley is my favorite artist, but I have to say she did write VERY hypocrite songs. But this one is very touching, and she has a better influence for kids in this music video, also………

    Feb 2018?

  5. Earth Devil says

    I like the new Miley. ♥️

  6. Asia Prestianni says

    Why so many dislikes??

  7. Mig D says

    No offence but this is a weak song to be considered a first single. No wonder it bombed, but I believe it hit number 1 in Wazirastan, a remote enclave controlled by the taliban.

  8. Nicolas Rojas says

    Hermosa me encanta que vuelva la antigua Miley .

  9. 20cher09 says

    Lorde and the Royales Do Not get Anything!!!

  10. Jennifer Paul says


  11. Lismeidy Rodriguez says

    Soy el único cometario en español y amo esta canción I leve

  12. Юсуф Мамасобиров says

    The best song

  13. Юсуф Мамасобиров says

    Most iconic singer of this generation

  14. Otoniel II Suarez Jr. says

    You have always stayed close to heart!

  15. Ysabel Rodriguez says

    This was my summer song! Now May is approaching again and I can't wait. Thanks Miley <3

  16. Thalassa Fischer says

    Why do people hate this woman. She has an incredible voice and an indomitable spirit. She is one of my favorite famous vegans and this is one of my fave songs. No, she's no Lana del Rey, no Marina and the Diamonds, but what the hell is wrong with her? People are so gross. Fuck people, fucking people.

  17. mannnat special says

    I love Hannah Montana because of Miley Cyrus I am your big fan Miley please reply at least give hi in public reply please

  18. SINISTER says

    Very nice . Anyone noticed she bites on that grey sweater like 5 times?

  19. Nikola Byczek says

    WOW! SO NICE!!

  20. Samantha Wu says

    <3 MILEY

  21. Erica Mutii says

    This is beautiful

  22. Federico Di Giacomo says

    Grande milliye beautiful

  23. Aldeone Prado says


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