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  2. tracey williams says

    Cute baby

  3. BeeAng says

    I like that you gave credit where credit is due.People just hear her name and start being negative for no reason.This was a pleasant change for once!

  4. grace sentongo says

    Things would be different if she was dark

  5. Latoya Fox says

    Kim is so pretty without the makeup! Chicago West is so cute !!!!!!!!

  6. Southern Redhairedfox says


  7. adam newman says

    it looks like saint

  8. Roena Skates says

    This commenter loves licking Kardashian pussy, but whatever! This crazy bitch, has lip liner on the baby, eye shadow, brow liner, and worst of all "mascara" I had to take a second look after blowing up the baby's picture! I have come to the collusion that Kim has a mental problem, probably Bi-Polar disease!

  9. Jackie Doucette says

    She looks more like Kim than the ones she pushed out even though North is the cutest little girl I've seen

  10. Dorothy Mays-Pitts says

    Kim K baby Chicago West looks just like Kim she seem so alert God bless. D. Pitts

  11. Vala Dina says

    I'm not a Kardashian fan but I got to give Kim her props, she did not lie about her infertility issues and told the truth about getting a surrogate unlike a lot of celebrities are here and yes I do have to agree she is a great mom and no one can take that away from her

  12. Rob Hunter says

    Pretty baby but cant none fade Baby Dream.

  13. Dallas Girl says

    She's cute

  14. M Lane says

    Chi-town is so beautiful

  15. Darlene Simmons says

    Cute baby!

  16. Teresa Keplinger says

    Certainly doesn't look like her other children..weird…just weird

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