Kylie Jenner RETURNS To Snapchat To Give Adorable Glimpse Of Stormi


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kylie Jenner said once before that she’s not really interested in sharing her motherhood journey with the world, but it looks like…

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  1. Nelly Lopez says

    I missed you Miriam Isa!!!!

  2. Anwar Alkarmi says

    Why the hell I'm watching this |:

  3. Emoji Dog says

    Please don’t report every time she posts something about her

  4. Trina More says

    The SKANK wanted to keep her pregnancy private but exposes the BABY tho? I mean, how much sense does that make

  5. Mom Kylie says

    Oh my god beautiful baby stormi

  6. Røan May says


  7. Josue Lopez says

    she was gone for like 2 days chill out

  8. Why isn't she showing her face tho

  9. Flea Bug says

    I think it's exactly how it looks she felt bad for ruining Snapchat and thought posting Stormi's foot would some how make it all better .

  10. Land Arturo says

    No one give a fuck

  11. Saiyara Rahman says

    I'm genuinely concerned as to what kind of mom she's going to be…

  12. Courtney Tate says

    What’s Kylie’s Snapchat

  13. Adam Flores Jr says

    Damn it was 1 video damn no big deal Kylie can do whatever

  14. I hate fake people says

    Longest name in the world

  15. I hate fake people says

    Longest most complicated name ever

  16. Tina says

    new snapchat sucks

  17. Vivianna Lancaster says

    Don’t care who does it: either Snapchat dies either it goes back

  18. Clay Brice says

    We saw it coming.

  19. Rosaleen Fourie says

    I want to see if the baby has Kylie’s old lips LOL if so she won’t be showing off the baby till it gets lip fillers

  20. Chloe Redman says

    Kylie is gonna end up just like Kourtney

  21. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Oh I thought she did affect intense the stock

  22. Kaxx says

    You can totally see her looking at the script lol

  23. Nomonde says

    Showing her toes is sharing her motherhood journey?

  24. tamara mohammed says

    I want to know is she black

  25. Gouri Anand says

    It was Snapchat's redesign that made it fall underway.

  26. Julianne Rosa says

    I think she posted it on Snapchat since not many people use anymore not many people would see it

  27. Rokky B says

    Kylie: posts a snap of her babies toes
    People: “omg she’s exposing her daughter to the world even though she said she wouldn’t?!?”
    get a grip people.

  28. l l says

    this is so cute

  29. itzzy akanda says

    A whole video for a snap of a baby's foot .

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