WHERE IS ARIANA GRANDE!!?? | Zachary Campbell


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  1. Zachary Campbell says

    Where is my girl!!?? where is my little cousin!!?? do you want new music from Ariana? & Dont forget to download Musical.ly to watch my PSA and Search warrent for her!

  2. Owen Emmett says

    She has changed her hair colour aha it’s silver/lilac

  3. Ruben Saintidor says

    your dancing is a yes for me

  4. A F Live says

    Hmm She need to go that Selena Gomez direction. . Cute and Fierce more Hip Hopish, thats what I'm feeling

  5. M Warz says

    I thoroughly enjoyed your dancing

  6. Mrinal Das says


  7. Beyhive& Barbz says

    Yes I love Ariana we haven’t got an album since like 2016

  8. Alise Thompson says

    Yasss where is my mom she’s been MIA since New Year’s Eve

  9. Tommy Meehan says

    What is the song he dancing to tho?!?

  10. Teanna Williams says

    Her manager said that she’s gonna have song similar to Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey

  11. Antoine Robertson says

    her and nicki better collab again

  12. Ariana Gomez says

    Zac please react to Zara larrsons cover of all night

  13. Ariana Gomez says

    Zac PLEASE react to Zara larrsons cover of all night I think you'll like it

  14. ohsnapitzmadi _ says

    5:47 Her hair is already a bob. Its pretty short, i would say around the shoulder area. She wears extensions which is why her hair is always super long

    6:43 She did change her hair color. She changed it from brown to silvery/white around december. It looks so stunning too

    Btw she is currently working on music with Troye Sivan and Dua Lipa. (There is a rumor that she is also working on something with Drake because he liked one of her posts but at the time he wasn't following her. Which means he searched up her name to like the pic) So i'm excited to see what she has ready!!

  15. Rachael Teasdill says

    Great video!! A collaboration with Rihanna would be awesome, I was thinking the same thing 🙂 ooooh mane she could do a long ombré bob x

  16. Jade Sturdivant says

    But she may have PTSD, though…

  17. Bender Rodriguez says

    the fan base is arianator

  18. kazoome says

    That opening though!

  19. Ira'shi says

    Zacharyyyy I’m living for this haircut girl !

  20. Antwone Jones says

    Yesss I need her back☹️

  21. CHRIS MAB says

    Yassssss slay that dance

  22. sean ruby says

    so its the new vine basically

  23. Welton Huang says

    YAAASSSS MAAM!!! You better vogue the house down!!!!!!

  24. Kylie Wakeham says

    yest to her doing a song with rihanna

  25. Ryan Goodman says


  26. Gabriel Sayer says

    She dyed her hair grey, she just announced that she is working with Troye Sivan for a collab on his album, and she is working on a Dangerous Woman Tour DVD with her photographer Fredo. Plus there are a bunch of rumors that new music was supposed to come out the end of Feb!!!

  27. osvaldo perez says

    React to Pretty Ricky’s Bluestars album ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  28. Taylor Taylot says

    I'm still waiting for "Where's Rihanna?"

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