Selena Gomez Nude Photo – Kylie Jenner’s Photoshop FAIL (DHR)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Selena Gomez shows her body off on Instagram while Kylie is accused of photoshopping her pics. All this & more on today’s Daily Hollywood…

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  1. Sora Lim says

    Can I just say, nice outfit, Erin!!! Really love it <3

  2. Olivia Warnham says

    It's not selena it's a look a like

  3. jess Beideman says

    I'm sure someone else commented this but I didn't read the comments lol so…just using logic here…Kylie has had lip injections and plastic surgery…why wouldn't she just get an easy wart removal instead of just photoshopping it? Just doesn't make sense.

  4. amaya rodrigez says

    wtf DID OJ do?

  5. Mac Baby03 says

    Selena is showing that she is not ashamed of her body. Just like how she told everybody at the AMA

  6. Bømtastic says

    selena you look bomb as fuck. but baby please don't be a hypocrite 🙁

  7. Rema Ally says

    Is Gigi and zain a couple?????

  8. Sofia Faria Queiroz says

    Britney or MC

  9. lola bay says

    I feel like every Disney girl has gone bad please name one that hasn't that isn't on Disney right now

  10. bob smith says

    if that is a wart, which I don't think it is, that is the most massive wart in existence

  11. Jiyoon says

    This red head has such big opinions, she's annoying af

  12. Hailey Cook says

    I think the worst carpool karaoke singer: Britney, she didn't sing at all, she just moved her lips and watched James sing.

  13. nainasaha01 says

    Selena Gomez always autotunes her songs but the end result us really good …. she never sings in her real voice …. but its okay ….

  14. Jeffer oni says

    The Weekend is a good guy. I hate when people just judge him because of one breakup smh. They're cute so stop hatingggg

  15. SHWLA ALCARAZ says

    selena gomez is a very strong women leave her alone

  16. Aneesa Muthana says

    If anyone hates Selena Gomez I will murder them! SO FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!

  17. Alana Corbella says

    looks like a bug not a wart

  18. Boo tie says

    Scrolling to see who you think the worst singer is on carpool

  19. blondechic says

    I would care if she was lip singing! if you paid hundreds just to see her sing, and its lip singing, I would be pissed! anyone else?

  20. Rhf Awad says

    Judgmental shits

  21. Alleyah Butler says

    I hate the weekend for dating Selena

  22. selena ker says

    he is deaf

  23. AM BR says

    Selena is dyeing for attention, what she tells her fans doesn't apply to her became she said she is the QUEEN, she is so FAKE

  24. Hilda pineda says

    The photographer looks like a sicko

  25. Rhiannon Martinez says

    I didn't even know Ryland worked for DHR!

  26. Joshua Fuhrman says

    Britney isn't known for her singing prowess. Her fans know that. We love her for herself and her entertainment

  27. Neamiah O'Hara says

    He probably made Selena do it

  28. Logic Studios says

    So to be on Clevver News you have to like fucking men??

  29. tyrel bergmann says

    Leave Britney Alone! Disappointed in you Erin, I cheered for you on the amazing race. 😛

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