Miley Cyrus Lets Fans Touch Her VAGINA During Performance | Unseen Images


Think you’ve seen all of Miley Cyrus? Hit PLAY on this video and be ready to get the shock of your life. Report By Korak Roy. Edited By Omkar Ingale. Footage Courtesy Splash News Subscribe…

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  1. Sherri Delorme says

    I'd soak my hands in hilex if I touched her nasty ass. She's not pretty in the least and probably has a diseased crotch. Yucky

  2. Shashank rabid dogg Susngi says

    why is some indian media channel reporting on this bullshit?for views you don't have enough bs with Bollywood?chutiyas…

  3. Nicholas Connaughton says

    I would rub it

  4. gerselinde says

    She's so disgusting. And that hypocrit pretended Trump is shoking concerning his way to talk about women???? O_ô

  5. JuicyJack says

    Everyone in that concert has an STD

  6. Selstar says


  7. Anita Spero says

    WOW, Dad must be so proud.

  8. Joe Smith says

    why don't she just screw on stage. I'm sure that will be next.

  9. Eyma kneeGrr says

    This is why I love her

  10. Janice leatham says

    Snowflake was offended by Trump…what is sicko

  11. Gohansdad 2k15 says

    you are all gay if you are commenting saying bad shit, yall would fuck?

  12. Horrible for trump to say in private "when you have money you can just… grab me by the pussy"

    But this Miley bullshit is acceptable? Ffs, burn this bitch or hang her

  13. Kyle Larson says

    I wanna Hanna her montana

  14. Mingel Lobo says

    Flaunts her pussy

  15. Rashawn Banks says

    Yo go girl.

  16. Justin Woodrum says


  17. hulagan808 says

    Now I just hope my cancer kills me. lol sigh

  18. BIG WORM says

    Miley Kool

  19. Kendrah Whyte says

    Like I'm complaining!!!

  20. Dennis Johnson says


  21. Stephen Lavoie says

    I want to touch it with my tongue

  22. Live and Let Live says

    she's just legit all you women hating on her it's just cause you wish you have guts like her to follow your desires, but the truth is you life a lie, stop hating start living , miley is aweeesomee

  23. tubqhe says

    It stinks and reeks of disease and aids…touch thou not the unclean!

  24. doug frank Hopaluk says

    Why don't you just get a fucking life and leave Miley Cyrus alone like oh my God Like You Paparazzi fuckers look at Princess Diana she hated being filmed but all you fuckers care about is pictures and ratings. look it up princess diana documentry. and watch the part about paparazzi. Like holy fuc leave people alone and stop trying to get your ratings and pictures and stop trying to destroy lives of people who don't want to have their pictures taken there or on film. just leave them alone. And it is against the law to take pictures of someone who don't want their pictures taken also it's called also it called ask first before you take a picture of someone. Or have them on camera camera. Asking is polite

  25. J B says

    She needs to be fucked in her ass with a donkey dick!!! Can you say whore?????

  26. Cleopatra Bykova says

    My Horny Teen Step Sister Wants To F.vck Again
    Cl1ck Here To Watch S.E.X.Y Webcam Girls. >>>

  27. EGru1 says

    I am awaiting the public masturbation of her in front of thousands of cheering fans whom would go crazy yelling as she did it.

  28. Karthik Mahesh says

    You can tell a lot about Hillary Clinton by the people that support her. In short all the mentally disturbed people of America.

  29. James Newland says

    all you have to remember folks. is that she is a talentless attention whore

  30. T.S GAMES games-more says

    i searched Logan paul how did auto play get me here

  31. Toopan esirpus says

    Hanna Montana ;-;

  32. Ksksks Kdkd says
  33. Rich Richard says

    She is so unsexy

  34. LILO CANAL says

    She’s so stupid. While women are fighting to defend rights and stop every kind of violence against them she’s promoting it!??

  35. bobby bing says

    Dad must be fucking proud of this slut

  36. PopapaG says

    I'm a fan now

  37. Ma'Lik Anderson says

    She is gay

  38. Mike Liston says

    She's like "I wait so long to get taken by stranger guys, now i spread my Legs, so cmon Guys f..k me"

  39. Video Visions TV says

    That's how she likes it and so do her fans! It's how she sells tickets so she can pay her bills ACCEPT IT!

  40. _David_Pryor_ says

    00:09 does anyone know the name of the girl in black who's accompanying miley ???

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