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  1. Amrit Shots says

    usher looked like monkey dancing in the middle of 10,000 people crowd

  2. Ansumana F Dulleh says

    I truly love the dance

  3. Kane Iyog says

    I was not surprised btw

  4. Mk bash says


  5. Alex Ibanez says

    are they close to each other?

  6. irwan mfc says

    good lol

  7. HINDI TOP 10s says


  8. Asha Singh says

    what a nonsense ?? totally worst show,,,, n why all were excited to see Justin bieber ,,,, usually he didn't do anything.

  9. Jackline Mirembe says


  10. Preeti Maddheshiya Chauhan says

    who's he I only kwn Justin bieber …..JB Ur alwys ausm love you

  11. Karl Timoney says

    A couple of middle aged messes and now bieber is fucking the closest 12 year old

  12. Kevinsito says


  13. Bijeli Crnac says

    Worst surprise

  14. mwendapoleee says

    The performance almost went swimming until jb turns up!

  15. King_RapidFire MoDz says

    how ] he

  16. Hamid AFG says


  17. Seema Belieber says


  18. Leonardo Daniel says

    Who's in here 2017

  19. Selmon Orebut says

    Best Perfomance ever..

  20. B. Smith says

    Usher heard the writing on the wall when Bieber came out…….what riot…….for the kid.

  21. RyanInLA says

    is usher completely tone deaf, i don't get this

  22. cringenowbro100 says

    Usher sucks at singing

  23. Luis Rivera says

    They get louder when Justin comes in

  24. Tanja Zschusschen says

    Cool dat johoh

  25. ć vìvã vívã says

    No energy

  26. Noxious Scorpio says

    these nigas jumps more sings less

  27. debojiti das says

    Justin bieber is just amazing

  28. shampa sarkar says


  29. Rz.Lalrammawia Ruthless says

    Jackie and jaden….new era lmao

  30. Dayiptza Lozadaa says

    Yup he does still the show he is ma good anf the best he is Savage

  31. Dayiptza Lozadaa says

    And if u don't know what savage mean is means cool

  32. Angelo Pareno says

    fucking shit wowowowowww

  33. SNF SNF says


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