10 Most WTF Things Kylie Jenner Has Said


The funniest things Kylie Jenner has said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ————————————————————————————–…

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  1. Echoo AJ says

    iS tHaT a cHiCKeN?

  2. ninjahaven13 says

    cartoon her looks so goofy

  3. Brittaney Rizzo says


  4. Gia *diva* Kenzo says

    lol Kylie, you are a chicken! =)

  5. Melike Shahin says

    That moment when Kim and khloes heads are on the Scorpio but they’re not Scorpio’s lmao anyways love the vid

  6. selin izci says

    Please do more of these <3

  7. Silver Smile says

    The thing she said about being a boss was true. I don’t think it was dumb, because you shouldn’t let your employees become to close. Eventually they’ll take advantage of you when u do that .

  8. Lidia Astorga says

    She’s the definition of a moron

  9. Erica Minta says

    I love kylie so much that this made me so happy

  10. Lalarukh Azher says


  11. aurora says

    True bimbo

  12. Charlene Welch says

    No personality and dumb as rocks.

  13. Charlene Welch says

    No personality and dumb as rocks

  14. girlperson wat says

    How do you not know how to iron tho it’s pretty self explanatory

  15. Maria Lezana says

    Give her a damn chicken! What kind of a mother are you? Part of me feels she says these things purely for the show, fingers crossed lol

  16. Cupid de meow says

    No Kylie that's not a chicken it's a dog

  17. B3smiile says

    It is made so nice that you cant swipe nice haha

  18. Daphne Beatrice Tan says

    I watched that ep about the farm and the chicken

  19. hailey carter says

    Mate coal handle literary sudden undertake vacation object require range cultural.

  20. Elsa Elexendra says

    I mean not gonna lie though it's like she says she want her kids to grow in like….. Experiencing farming stuff that's not dumb she just likes that you don't have to be that mean to her #ilovekylienomatterwhat

  21. meetme4tlake says

    That doesn’t even look like Kylie

  22. knowlight knowright says

    The whole family is a bunch of illiterate double digit iq dumbass bitches!

  23. L E says

    Très bien bravo:)

  24. Matthew Smith says

    I nearly pissed myself laughing at the animation….. I am pleased The Talko are no longer one sided to the Kardashians…

  25. Stephen Covic says

    Love this video!!!

  26. luvbugmarie says

    This was great content

  27. iII IIIi says

    Are y’all running out of ideas?

  28. Masud Ali says

    How the hell is doing a selfie so much pressure

  29. Giovanne B says

    Do this again but with actual clips

  30. Nyla Em says

    Why is she crossed eyed

  31. Madison Hays says

    I'm a Scorpio❤

  32. A T Morgan says

    The sad part is, she's the smart one in the family.

  33. dingus khan says

    The Kardashian/Jenner gypsy clan have ruined an entire generation of girls

  34. Renegade made says

    This is the most brainless Channel on YouTube could you people be more vain and uneducated

  35. Criste Waters says

    I want a ❤️

  36. Sophia Luzietti says


  37. Vydta says

    "ooh I love the Kardashians vause they are just like us" pfffffft seriously! are you billioniar uneducated girl who plump their lips and butt ultra full, and have a mindless group of twats who will buy your poop for a million$….huh? well guess again cause thier reality is fake

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