Blake Griffin Sued: You Abandoned Our Family for Kendall Jenner! | TMZ Live


Brynn Cameron has filed a palimony lawsuit against her baby daddy, Blake Griffin, claiming he shamelessly abandoned her and their children for Kendall Jenner. SUBSCRIBE:…

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  1. Adam Mwakikoti says

    She fucked up when she thought to herself… Taking care of her for the rest of her life = No pre-nup. Biiiiitch you KNOW that's bad math. smh

  2. Joe Johnson says

    She was trying to gold dig his money so fuck her. Would’ve signed the prenup if she loved him.

  3. Ray G says

    gold digger

  4. Andres Dominguez says


    Follow Tom Leykis rules and you prob will not be in this situation. TOM LEYKIS…..The savior

  5. Evenstevens says

    Who care about the blackness and the whiteness .
    For once Think beyond your
    He’s got 2 kids with this women and instead of keeping house , he decided to abandon the family , Sooooooooooooo
    He’s gotta pay.
    That’s just the norm. Duh
    PLUS this tells you what kind of person that little ho Jenner has become.
    These kids are way too young to split so soon.
    And you better be careful grif cause one day that Jenner girl might wake up and decide she wants to be a be DUDE……………

  6. Jimaiah Yisrael says

    she's a fool, this indicates why a women should not have a child by a man without first getting married.

  7. TheKingoncrack says

    Your country and civilization is ungodly. You're doomed.

  8. chevon1920 says

    What?? You can’t sue someone cause they’re a dick. I mean you can get child support but what’s stopping her from getting a damn job now?

  9. zakkrick says

    She was his start up girlfriend

  10. zakkrick says

    Don’t have kids if you’re not going to get married to the person or maybe have second thoughts

  11. John Nike says


  12. Bonét King says

    She should have just kept her mouth shut

  13. Breach98 says

    It appears that this woman HAS valid reasons and stands on solid principals. Plus they have children. Accordingly, he owes her AND their children more than just "see ya". SO even though women are crying and mad about Mary K. Blige and Jill Scott having to pay THEIR men $$$, Blake should live up to the spirit of their commitment, whether it was oral or in writing.

  14. Tweefurs Tech says

    Damn this sounds messy!

  15. KING L.P says

    This bitch retarted money hungry hoe

  16. Crescent Crest says

    So the woman wanted to get half of what he has, he says no, bails and now she's throwing a hissy fit because she doesn't have it easy anymore. Bitch.

  17. Robert Balejik says

    he wanted a prenup she didn't, he got angry (for the rest of my life wtf??) left her… And I wouldn't believe that he is not taking care of them (BG ain't that type) she just want to create some media attention

  18. edward gatchalian says

    the curse lives on.

  19. Remi Rivera says

    Stay away from the Kardashians, what an idiot. He deserves everything that’s coming for him.

  20. 57RollsRoycePhantom says

    She’s a greedy hoe and wants more than just the minimum required children’s amount

  21. Jay Shizuran says

    Kardashians and the Jenner's are like first class whores. You can't get in a relationship with em, unless you're a famous celeb or a sports superstar or you have tons of money.

  22. cody sullivan says

    idk why he even wants Kendall Jenner? Shes whack as fuck, remember the pepsi commercial, this girl is a bonafide retard and his girlfriend he was already with is way better looking than her plus is the mother of his kids, what a pig dick smh….

  23. Nate Lightfoot says

    Look up the Kardashian Christmas family photo from 2013. These women are witches that worship satan. The photo speaks volumes.

  24. Michael Phan says

    dead beat scumbag

  25. Mister Flame says

    High key there should have been a prenup. Celebrities should get prenups unless the other is also a celebrity of a similar level. Leaving his kids behind is fucked up.

  26. mindfreakerry says

    When you want to have sex before marriage and don't want to face the consequences

  27. [email protected] says

    He sounds like an asshole.
    Just like Kendall!
    They are perfect for each other !

  28. Mel Shingleton Sr says

    Blakes an idiot. Going after the young, good looking girl. One day, she will be old, ugly and still stupid. We all age, she will too.

  29. Texas star says

    bitch you wasn't with me Shootin in the gym! she is not his child He only has to take care of his children not Her….

  30. Sanjin Dragoljic says

    Griffin seems like an asshole anyway .. on and off court .. she should bleed him dry ..

  31. Scott Young says

    Fuck so we will hav that hoe ass kardashin curse here in the D hell naw bitches aint nothing but hoes throw aways is what we call them. A throw away u ask… any white girl that fucks around with another color….. its what u do with them… throw them away.

  32. Johnny Logan says

    he looks like a fucking crook. wouldn't trust those eyes at all

  33. Where’s Christopher says

    Good for him. Women do this all the time

  34. Schequitta Kelly says

    She a GOLD DIGGER get a job

  35. Carmen Santana says

    SHITHOLE guy

  36. Oscar Heat says

    He didn't sign anything no contract. Child support that's it!!!. Go find another gold mine!!

  37. Oscar Heat says

    If is all the same why get married. And yes!! go ask a woman what she thinks about Blake Griffin.

  38. Oscar Carpinteyro says

    So what if he was unhappy, what he's not allowed to pursue his own happiness. Woman do that all the time? So suddenly its not ok because he chose a reality star. The girl on the webcam is retarded.

  39. tka060681 says

    model = career killer,blake will never be elite again.

  40. r mac says

    I'll pay the ex just to hit it! Wow she's a knockout!

  41. Julia Lakor says

    Does Blake Griffin think his gonna get away with this? Like really!

  42. Julia Lakor says

    I’m looking at everyone saying she should have taken the prenup! She had a whole life and he told her to drop it and basically become the anchor to hold him and their family. Maybe in the prenup he was taking everything from her and wanting to give her nothing in return, and cheating her out of the life her promised her. He was trying to play her and she said no.

  43. Lord Sodomy says

    his "wife" wouldn't do anal…kendall is a pro bunghole banger

    PLUS miss Bryn is a gold digging ho…she has a kid with Matt Leinart who is/was a starting NFL quarterback and getting 4 grand a month (which btw is enough to live on) but she wants to live the high life for free..
    see a pattern, hooking up with rich athletes to be taken care of and given a free ride…serves her right getting burned on this one.

  44. Steve Young says

    Go get a job!everybody else has one.go back to work.

  45. A.I.P. ISHMAEL says

    these bitchass, tmz always taking the cave beast side, no one knows Blake's side of the story, tell the bitch to go get a job.

  46. bubba luv says

    its all about the money

  47. rosihantu1 says

    Matt Leinart didn't give any money?

  48. L-e-gendary says

    So she wants to split 173 mil? lol

  49. A A says

    Thank God he did not marry her, she sounds like a Psycho! She wants him to support her for a lifetime, the bitch is crazy, even the parents that brought you to this earth can just about support you for 18 years only.

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