Justin Bieber photos


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  1. mat mongrain says

    i only like the song 🙂

  2. TheMajesteetti says

    WTF at 0:03 justin has blue eyes?????:DD

  3. Nicole Queen says

    photoshop)) but anyways he is beautiful !!!

  4. TheMajesteetti says


  5. leonie alt says

    the first image is processed, he has brown eyes: D <3

  6. Nicole Queen says

    i know) i just love that pic

  7. leonie alt says

    okey I did not say you must not make the pure I wanted to say is I like the picture too 🙂 <3

  8. leonie alt says

    0:28 *-*

  9. Ive Lendt says

    I love him

  10. Ive Lendt says

    I love him

  11. Mslightningbre says

    Love the song

  12. Mslightningbre says

    2:00 :)))))

  13. patria jackson says

    I luv dis song

  14. Ikram Bouchequif says

    What is a name this song ?

  15. Bea Chatton says

    toujours beau JB

  16. Caroline Oliveira Santos D says

    principe do pop em pessoa

  17. Charise Frazier says

    what is this song its awesome

  18. kundan kumar says


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