Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Mom Kris Jenner’s WORST Qualities


Kim Kardashian looked flawless on the cover of Vogue India but we’re dying over what she had to say inside about individual family members’ best and worst qualities. They might surprise you…espec…

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  1. sexyredapple1999 says

    Her mom had a major face lift


  3. Bill Gomes says


  4. rinaz mobhani says

    Before 100 views

  5. faiza ahmed says

    befor 1000 viewes

  6. Chason Wright says

    I actually wonder how they all are? No let Kylie not give an F KiKi then she might cause a scene at your place. I hope however though that’s not the case, because I would say your relationship seems pretty ok. She’s a model your a model. Host a bring it on mean girls moment and then make a burn book together, so you don’t hurt each other. Their are sensible ways to solve that argument, because then you can throw the ashes into the ground for the plants to grow.

  7. Lea vdB says


  8. Patrica Dyson says

    And Kim’s. No regard for her kids when they get older and see her fowl Pictures…

  9. Essaouira 4545 says

    madison has such a cute baby face

  10. Tina Arafat says

    Awe love her

  11. Tina Arafat says

    I'm just like kylie ..dont care about anything attitude

  12. Cess Liana says

    This family with all the dram phew,I don't care anyways

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