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  1. maurizio887 says

    Haha! ok! excellent video response:)

  2. ravens4ever252 says


  3. kidraxuhl says

    Wow! at 0:24 is RARE!!!!!!!

  4. sarah randisi says

    🙁 is was so much better when he didnt have a girlfriend </3

  5. Eve Guetta says


  6. Faith Thompson says

    JB is soooo amzing i will always be a JB fann! & selena gomez is sooo lucky to be with a wonderful guy like JB:)

  7. Breeanna Brown says

    I am still a Justin Bieber fan no matter what he does. He is an amazing guy and has talent. 😉 :-)!!!!!!!!#:-)

  8. Pearl Davis says

    I love him so fucking much

  9. Hailee Norman says

    He's so cute

  10. Lisa Ignacio says

    He is sososo! Ugly just makes me feel like throwing up!

  11. Jamia Johnson says

    Justin bieber is so sexy

  12. breanna Forsyth says

    I love justin bieber he is so hot

  13. Reanna Carlson says

    I bean a fan forever he's so HOT I wish he didn't have a girlfriend

  14. samiya hodges says

    he so cute


    #jaliey now

  16. drama vlogs says

    so cute

  17. Kennedie Duhart says

    cute i know right

  18. justin bieber says

    cute and awesome.cute to awesome+cute.

  19. Margaret Tamargo says

    So so cute sexy and hot

  20. Panda Rios says

    i. love. you. so. much.

  21. Vanessa Huallanca says


  22. BTS Baby says

    So so cute sexy and hot

  23. Taylor Anderson says

    I love him

  24. galaxycatgames cat says

    I know you thrower eggs and he going to preson

  25. mk rahaman says

    I love you Bieber

  26. Hindikokilala Ungmyari says

    ilove you justin

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