Travis Scott Buys Kylie Jenner THIS $1.4 MILLION Push Present


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kylie Jenner just welcomed another new addition, but this time, it’s a Ferrari. Well… are we really surprised? New mom Kylie…

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  1. francisca casanueva says

    Early squad

  2. francisca casanueva says

    I think Kylie is thinking to give stormi a lil' bro/sis

  3. Pretty Panda says

    Early squad

  4. Gerda Bieliauskaitė says

    Lana del rey was almost kidnapped couple weeks ago and all you post is this shit about kardashians

  5. AlwaysPlayerOne Neverplayertwo says

    Tiger did samething and went broke and could not pay his rent

  6. Jake Jaxon says

    Is this what rich people to do with their money? Spend it all on materialistic shit??? Why don’t they do something good with their money like donate to charity or research…

  7. UnovaTrainerWhite says

    I can't deny it, that car is gorgeous

  8. Leilani says

    The real gift is to receive something nice from your boyfriend without blac chyna getting publicity off it

  9. k g says

    Kylie has more money than travis. He'll probably end up broke and in debt..

  10. Trinity Bardin says

    30th comment

  11. DonYelle and Diana says

    why does kylie need 10 luxury cars lol

  12. Super_ Star says

    "As far as we know" lmao u are showing a picture of her in a Bentley and you don't even mention it!!

  13. Kelsey Heeley says

    Tyga went broke buying shit like this for Kylie lol I'll laugh if the same thing happens to Travis and tbh I wouldn''t be surprised if the same or similar scenario happened. Like Kylie has more money than the both of them combined. The girl is good. Why doesn't Travis put the money toward his new born.

  14. W.H.A.T says

    That's over the top; buying someone a 1.4 million dollar car as birth present.

  15. amanda says

    So asking for her hand isn't a gift enough? A car? Okay. Still a single mother

  16. Karl Williams says

    Nah Bruv, I can't wait til you split so you can see who she is.

  17. xcxcharl ngl says

    Why you trying so desperately to keep them relevant they are talentless anyway

  18. Joelle R. says

    Does Kylie even drive her own car? Wouldnt this car bring even more attention to her from fans and paparazzi if she was driving in it?

  19. Klownie Jenner says

    Meanwhile, Kris makes me drive a minivan.

  20. Andrea Lugo says

    All I can say is this is ridiculous in more than 1 way

  21. EverydayShay Irène says

    That doesn't anything in my life 😉 ,,,

  22. Trina More says

    He'll buy the SKANK an expensive car but won't buy her a ring tho?? I would think a ring would be an appropriate push present

  23. Mind Smack says

    How do u kno this shit???

  24. What if the baby isn't his daughter

  25. Sharon Johnson says

    ppl starving and all he can do is buy an millionaire a million dollar car. hes from the hood go back help poor ppl

  26. bougie clorox says

    Can someone tell me what a "push" is?

  27. inXine says

    the Babyfriendly version of course xD

  28. Clay Brice says

    Of course, more materialistic items. No surprise.

  29. I hate fake people says

    I wonder if rich people get tired of getting pathetic luxurious things when they already have like millions of them

  30. كريمه الكريمه says

    Please show people how other people on the other side of world like Uganda where women die Will giving birth on floor s, no beds in hospital s like mulago Kampala, very conjustated, than speaking of Kylie, million s will be saved

  31. Pauline Smith says

    What are you supposed to do with 4 cars?*sigh* rich people….

  32. Crystal Eventing says

    Kylie you know it's nice to share….right

  33. Sulaimon Maestro says

    She gon be rollin with la flame whenever she pull up in that whip, cos that whip is pure fire

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