Khloe Kardashian Reveals She Almost Lost Her Baby – KUWTK Recap | Hollywoodlife


Keeping Up With The Kardashians recap: Khloe Kardashian is set to reveal the sex of her baby. Kim Kardashian is advising her to eat her placenta. Subscribe to Hollywoodlife:…

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  1. The Ant Life says

    There is alot of evidence that eating your owm placenta will increase your milk amd decrease your post partum depression. Obviously, this channel and the Kardashians are stupid as fuck.

  2. lane aloha says

    She’s having a boy! ….that would suck with the first baby mama that’s competition
    If it’s a girl it would be very cute the cousins can grow up like sisters gen 2.0

  3. Saffa Sabeen says

    What you didn’t even tell us the baby gender you lied

  4. PowerofAwesome says

    I’m sure that the placenta is full of nutrients and is great for you and stuff but seriously this is gross

  5. Sandie Elaine says

    Nonsense you said???

  6. Wolfpack - says

    I say it's a girl

  7. Trina More says

    These skanks lips look like herpes and they all probably have it since they're pass around whores!! They promote D*** sucking. "DSL" which means D*** sucking lips(for those who don't know) and they have 11year olds watching them?. DISGUSTING FILTH OF A FAMILY!

  8. Matthew Smith says

    Khloe isn't even pregnant…. She's in Japan right now… no way would a pregnant woman fly so close to the due date…

  9. Roena Skates says

    Khloé and Kim are having problems because they have slept with too many men and have been injected with too much stuff !

  10. sophia and momma cass says

    Im just little 17 year old teen mom from dallas texas and i ate my placenta

  11. Natasha Sardinha says

    Why the fuck would anyone eat their placenta??? Now that just evil as hell!!!! Wtfffffff

  12. chiraine1 says

    there are tons of different cultures in which the placenta is traditionally eaten after giving birth. in some just by the father and in others by the mother. not just by rich people in L.A. how about you people get your ignorant stupid heads out of your ass, go back to college and try to learn something this time and CHANGE THE FUCKING TITLE OF THE VIDEO BECAUSE IT DOESNT REVEAL SHIT.

  13. Elina Komesarovic says

    I think it’s a boy

  14. Nicole Apana says

    Bullshit ass title

  15. Brittannie Marie says

    God are you stupid? So many people eat the placenta. Its so good for you

  16. Ketsia channel says

    Her baby would be a boy

  17. ERIKA DOWDY says

    I watched when they first cane out but then lost interest. I tried watch again recently but i couldnt sit thru it. Boooooooring

  18. ROBIN COOK says

    Khloe lips look a mess

  19. Tania Begum says

    I think that khloe looks better when she is pregnant!♥️

  20. usernames are pointless says

    Just change the channel name to KUWTK-YT

  21. Arianna Hawk says

    Khloe has always been my favorite and she's so beautiful!!

  22. Keara Peña says

    Its a boyyy!

  23. Sabine Kabuika says

    Click bait you said you will revile her baby

  24. Rhianna Harding says

    I call boy kim-girl Kylie-girl so I'm guessing boy

  25. Tabitha Neary says

    “They act like it’s a big deal” uhhhh pretty sure a human growing inside of you is a big deal to most people

  26. Phim Sex 18 says

    Phim sex xnxx

  27. HollywoodLife says

    there just isn't evidence eating placenta has any benefits and it could be dangerous. we did a ton of research to verify, and this is the only good study and it finds no benefit. In fact, it's dangerous.

  28. katherine davis says

    sales particular grass fiscal impressive commander.

  29. sephora vie says

    Wait I thought we already knew it was a boy ! Weird !

  30. Jeaneettee 15 says

    Ewwww can you at least give me a warning on the tile with gross pictures!!!!

  31. melanie mark says

    Eat it u say God these w women do all kinds shit

  32. Elen Novak says

    why would you show a fucking placenta on a video??

  33. Xbox-MLG GTA-BROS says

    What is a possantum or whatever it is?

  34. Patricia Gosling says


  35. Pollyanna Principle says

    Kim is a beautiful woman, but this blond hair looks like a pile of seaweed on her head.

  36. Andres Esquivel says

    I just don't think she was made for kids

  37. cláudia fernandes says

    You guys need to worry less about the kardashians and do some research… Rich people in LA are not the only ones that do it.

  38. antonia lowe says

    4:03 omg

  39. Lea Johnson says

    I think Kris looks good with the blond it makes her look younger.

  40. Intrinsically Me says

    Cannibalism eating placenta.

  41. That Person says

    Could you put a warning next time when you put placenta on screen, thanks

  42. Haki Sebina says

    Why are you guys showing the placenta ewwwww!

  43. Cleo Patra says

    Clearly your family or friends leaked it

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