Trying Beyonce’s Keto Diet & Workout! I FAILED!?


I Tried Beyonce’s diet and workout! Find out why I failed Beyonce’s keto diet and workout and who I recommend the keto diet for! ☀ FOLLOW ME ☀ Instagram- Twitter-…

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  1. Lindsay Marie says

    NEW! Testing Beyonce's diet and workout! Find out why I failed but also what I liked about it!! ❤️❤️

  2. Primroseonfire says

    I love how you give us all the infromation and teach us the pro and conts of every diet/workout routine you do, not just the results. Love youuu, great video as allways

  3. Parislee2910 says

    Taylor swift or zendaya

  4. norcal says

    not sure how i got here but i'm here

  5. Parislee2910 says

    You didn’t fail. You just didn’t finish it due to health reasons. You are beautiful no matter what even when you roll out of bed. You never look worse than the day before.

  6. Lauren Coffman says

    These are hands down my favorite videos of yours!

    P.S. I just launched my first giveaway on my channel…
    AGH TALK ABOUT NERVOUS?! any tips on how to make the planning and executing of a giveaway easier?

  7. Elise Scott says

    Do Adel diet and workout routine

  8. Savannah Dvorak says

    Love this series!

  9. loh22 says

    You literally just unintentionally described why Keto is unhealthy and why vegan is superior. "Didn't realize how many food have carbs" fruit! Dude fruit does not make you fat no matter what any idiot says. Happy you are still vegan

  10. Asia Sanders says

    Zendaya or Selena

  11. Asia Sanders says

    I really love your channel

  12. Katie Ochs says

    Yes yes Yes! Balance is key. And ketogenic is not a balanced diet

  13. jemaimah addai says

    the ketogenic diet is amazing it really helped me control my weight. i followed this diet just to get started and it really helped!!!!

  14. Parislee2910 says

    Have you considered doing a male diet and workout?

  15. Abbey g says

    I really love that you can still make these videos and still be vegan!

  16. Abbey g says

    Can you do a day of eating vegan junk food? Oo maybe Jenna Dewan Tatum she’s vegan and a dancer

  17. Abbey g says

    Do lea Michelle’s she’s also vegan!

  18. kay 999 says

    I see a film of oil where it's not supposed to be…like water, tea, coffee, any drink I GAG

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