The Beyhive ATTACKS Wendy Williams for Saying Beyonce Needs Autotune


Wendy Williams shared on her show her thoughts on Fergie’s NBA All Star performance saying that there are only a few people who can sing “raw-dog” and Fergie is not one. She needs auto tune!…

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  1. nkkk cbibo says

    Ahh beyonce is not a queen
    She is normal a normal person

  2. I Spy says

    Wendy is certainly on drugs…Bey can sing beautifully! Wend

  3. I Spy says

    Wendy need to worry about her cheating husband embarrassing her all over everywhere…Bey can sing Mrs Drugging Wendy…Wendy on drugs again..her marriage situation have driven her crazy on drugs…She fainted on her show because she probably was snorting.

  4. SouLoveReal says

    The BOTH need HAIRWEAVE and WIGS to "channel" their Caucasian ancestors.

  5. Icarrus Legrand says

    Wendy needs rating because her health is affecting her performance on her show. We ALL know Beyonce' is a force of nature.

  6. Gerald Jamerson says

    Thats this alkaline diet she's on. Trying not to eat so she can tell everybody her reason for losing weight is that she's on a diet when we all know she back smoking on Lena Horne. Kevin needs to take her out with the other girl so she can feel validated stopped going to the gym without Wendy take her along with you two to the gym. Maybe a little Salty at Beyonce Jay Z had enough man in him to confess his bottom running all over town,maybe if Kevin came clean with her she'd feel better and stop coming at Beyonce like that cuz we all know Beyonce can sing her tale off and she danced will too.

  7. Kenny J cooke says

    I dislike Wendy so I'm gonna say this as a respectful person. Mr. Wendy Williams the she man QUEEN bey is living in hold while you still in a slut mansion with your cheating husband

  8. Ty Jones says

    Yall know wendy.sick

  9. shelly amor says

    When Wendy said she is hanging out with R Kelly and Beyoncé needs auto tune, I knew she hates her but I don’t think she is that stupid so something is wrong with her
    Maybe get a CT scan

  10. D Williams says

    Wendy Williams is going to retire….She Need Some Meat!!

  11. Natalia Stornello says

    This is why I hate Wendy

  12. Tashma Davidson says

    Wendy Williams needs an ass, hips and a hearing aid….

  13. Tashma Davidson says

    The bitch be fainting and looking all anorexic and possessed the devil taking over her ass….

  14. truthandbible says

    Wait a minute so don't mess with Beyonce? Who is she that people cannot tell the truth about? She is not God. I don't know why these heathen devils like this commentator here and the rest is all of them wants to act like she is.

    Um don't mess with the Lord Jesus Christ, because he is going to destroy all you wicked devils. Like this chick is God. She ain't nothing but many devils possessed in a body. Geesh

  15. Kev E on says

    Wendy is Miserable

  16. Dionca Wilson says

    Wendy ain't scared of the Beyhive. They've been attacking her for years whenever she insults Beyonce and she still keeps talkin!

  17. Stefany Burton says


  18. Ahmad Karim says

    Let's blame it on her "GRAVES DISEASE" She's been saying a lot of things that were weird and offensive for the pass few weeks.

  19. The Red Sterling Mc'Bae says

    I not a fan of Beyonce, or Wendy, but I every time I hear about Wendy, she is always talking about this particular singer. I think Wendy wants Beyonce, as much as she obsesses/talks about her. I'll bet my last dollar she's got a Beyonce shrine in her closet, a life-sized wax Beyonce, all of her albums, media, etc, and a wig she made out of Beyonce's hairs she's collected over the years.

  20. Kristopher Webb says

    Beyoncé has been doing this for 20 years, busting her ass off and she’s still isn’t give her props

  21. Elena Fiore says

    I love Beyoncé, but we all have to admit that she uses autotune. All of her songs are autotuned and I don't think that means she can not sing. Obviously she can sing very well.

  22. Veronica Clay says

    Wendy Williams like to say things that will keep her name in the news, that’s how she stay relevant.

  23. belle lagu says

    Beyonce is not all that, people should accept that. There are a lot of great singers out there.

  24. Jazx Milan says

    Wendy girl get back in line

  25. Rell Rell says

    However BEYONCÉ was DEFINITELY behind Whitney the 2nd best National Anthem Singer The very first time she did it back in 04 I have not heard anyone else at the "superbowl" to sing Nation anthem better than Whitney and Beyoncé

  26. Evelyn says

    Wendy Williams will talk about anything EXCEPT she's a MAN and her husband wants a REAL woman (let the real truth be told)

  27. I Spy says

    Carrie if he is cheating, he knows how not to flaunt it in her face like Wendy hubby…but most importantly, Bey doesn't worry about Wendy or talk jealous crap about her…
    Everyone knows Wendy is jealous of a young Bey, and is pissed because Bey ignores her , and will not come on her ratchet Show..

  28. Eric King says

    I think he's telling the truth Beyonce sucks

  29. Glactic Khristina says

    Maybe she is trying to say subliminally is that all singers use AUTO TUNE

  30. Sophia Dilworth says

    Wendy is a hater foreal she better go take her medicine for she faint again.

  31. Mary Clinton-Eiland says

    Wendy you go to far, and really need to stop your criticism about people when your husband has been cheating on you for  years and you know it, I believe your illness has came from that situation and now you need some time off so you can go spy on Kevin because fr fr you know the truth your stress out.

  32. Caged Cross says

    This old hag who carry those overweight silicone imps were causing too much pain on her spine that she spewd bullcrap all over the place! What a nasty host from a crappy show!

  33. xbl4ckxw1dow says

    Aaliyah is greatness Beyonce not so much… Sorry

  34. Maria Lee says

    Let's be reasonable guys maybe Wendy hit her head on a pole and fell head first causing her to suffer some serious brain injuries or something on her way to work because that's the only explanation I have or maybe that time she fainted she hit her head harder than we thought

  35. Blessed Daughter says

    Wendy girl, you in trouble. In my Whoopi voice.

  36. p thomas says

    Wendy got her ass beat the day before Valentines day, so I am sure the bitch injured more than her back and hip during the beat down.  Yeah, she's not talking about that, but I have receipts.  That troll got on camera saying that she had flu-like symptom.  When she returned to work she was wearing flats and walking with a limp. Why didn't she explain why she was walking like a crip? She made up the story about the flu to take a few days off to recover from her WWE injury at the hands of the beast.  She is too proud to admit what really went on behind closed doors to avoid being shamed by the media.  Everybody knows that Bey is one of the best live performers of all time.  That graves disease is spreading to that delusion bitch brain.  It is a beautiful thing to see her husband cheating on her and to watch that trash get kicked in the ass by Karma.  Just loving every minute of it.

  37. Billy Larkin says

    Puma lookin bitch

  38. Diego L Portuguez says

    Beyonce needs auto tune

  39. Dreke Wright says

    Queen Beyonce forever fuck Wendy Williams worry about your health issues

  40. Juliet Robin says

    Beyonce is an excellent singer. I guess Wendy as the authority to criticise Beyonce because Wendy can probably sing better than Beyonce. LMAO! I'd love to hear them in a sing off.

  41. xFellazz says

    I always imagine beyonce's face and what she would say to jay z when she hears wendell talked shit again

  42. Ordo Templi Orientis says

    Truth hurts..".she sings like a goat on heat….

  43. Pre-Pri Coffman says

    She can't sing that girl hollars and I'm not here for Wendell but he told the truth.

  44. Swarthy Savant says

    Wendy just needs to say something. Beyoncé can definitely sing a capella.

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