Matt Barnes’ IG Exchange & People Go In On Kendall Jenner’s Feet | BigBoyTV


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  1. nunya business muthafucka says

    Chris Webby should be on this show.

  2. eDerkah says

    Bruh dont hate on kendall shes bae

  3. John Smith says

    I cant stand this attention whore on the left who keeping taking bc she think she deserves to hav a voice. She gets heated everytime the bad bitch on the right talks

  4. Emma May says

    Push gifts and gender reveals. Perhaps, I'm old school. It's all new to me. Honey do's and baby showers, that's all I got!! I feel a little cheated. Love this show. I wonder how challenging it would be to get a Mr. Paul Mooney or Marsha Warfield interview.

  5. stryfetc1 says

    Y'all know that whole family has insecurity/body dismorphia issues!…that lil broad gone go get emergency foot reduction surgery

  6. King Kables says

    "Baby-moon"?…I thought pregnant women weren't supposed to travel during their last trimester…??

  7. HASL 818 says

    I was waiting for Ayydé and Natalia to show them toes lol.

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