Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend Fiona Barron Is Mistaken For His Ex Cindy Kimberly In Beverly Hills


Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend Fiona Barron Is Mistaken For His Ex Cindy Kimberly At The Montage Hotel In Beverly Hills 9.18.17 SUBSCRIBE to our channel and Follow us on SOCIAL: TWITTER: https://t…

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  1. George Robles says

    Justin being a asshole to papparrizi he should hang with Kanye.

  2. Is tormenting the lad called a job, that's sad.

  3. Rozina Sewani says

    I don't like his new girlfriend
    Selena gomez is best

  4. A VIP Car Garage says

    He is still disgusting. I thought he changed in 2 years

  5. Alex Wilkinson says

    who is this woman man?? Why is she being such a prick

  6. Drizzy dracula says

    Yo i hav thay same shirt that justin wearing lmao

  7. Luna Lovegood says

    why is she acting like she don't like the attention

  8. Rina Wishim says

    Wow she's pretty

  9. Unicorn91 says

    There not even dating

  10. vickivb22 says

    Jutin bibeer

  11. Tron Rider says

    Justin Bieber returns with selena gomez because fiona barrón already has a girlfriend and is nathalie paris

  12. maya crole says

    They never dated.

  13. yael eyov says

    Let's be honest
    They just fucking

  14. anthony abraham says

    She a innocent beauty…dat is jb choice

  15. adoroble squad says

    lol woww

  16. Maddie 88 says

    Thought it was recent cuz he's with selena

  17. Divine says

    JB is always interacting with this pap. He's amused by her.

  18. super memekid21 says

    he has a lot of money but still has a small iPhone

  19. Hamza Khan says

    Can't believe this guy holding a iphone 5

  20. Roman Reigns says

    What about selena

  21. CeleBait says

    Love that papperazzzi woman

  22. Britney G. says

    Isnt he with Selena now?

  23. Kim Hernandez says

    Wtf how come justin has a iPhone 5 in his hand

  24. Reej66 A says

    I hate justin

  25. Alyssa Zaragosa says

    His girlfriend is so ugly

  26. big carp catcher says

    What a muppet this kid is

  27. Collinbeastmode1 says

    justin think he tough till he do that to a real black dude i would like to see that

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