Kylie Jenner’s Sisters Think Her Ferrari From Travis Scott Is “Ridiculous” & “Tacky”


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kylie Jenner was given the push presents of ALL push presents by Travis Scott following the birth of her daughter Stormi, buuuut her…

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  1. Amad Ali says

    You can tell they don’t fuck with Travis smh fuck them

  2. Rosa Berrios says

    But they don't tell Kim to tone down with all them nudes she's a mom or Kourtney to tone down dating a younger man or khole or how ever u spell it I can care less on her 24 basketball player but the are always in the tabloids always on TV I feel bad for them we fuck up and no one sees they fuck.up every one see I would hate to live a life everyone knows my business but there getting that pretty penny will it really be all that worth it when there dead the riches are gone what will the really be known for

  3. Havyn Soenksen says

    ok so once your a mom you can’t live life????

  4. Do Carrasquillo says

    Seriously…. Her fam had the balls to say… She needs to tone down!?!.. They have no room to talk… None of them ever.. TONED DOWN… and im sure never will.. Hmmmm do i smell some family haters!!??!

  5. Do Carrasquillo says

    Why the hell can't she go on short outings!?? Oh riiight.. You don't have kids so you have no clue what its like….

  6. Tiffany Chisholm says

    She probably bought it herself

  7. esther lydia says

    they're just jealous

  8. Crystal Smith says

    What is a push present?

  9. Love Remy says

    I hope u know these expensive gift could get world hunger and homelessness

  10. Allthingsbeauty says

    Here sisters think it’s ridiculous and tacky to except that push gift from him because they know it’s not his baby!!

  11. Vanshika Tripathi says

    She's 20 and not 35 what do you expect.

  12. Haleyandelle says

    Idgaf, you do you boo boo

  13. Sam Gonzalez says

    Cars are better than houses and buying a bunch of jewelry or making reggie kid clothes or just posting training with no real tips or even actually meal plans..just sad fuck their opinions just rock the car

  14. Cistal c says

    How will she put her baby in there?

  15. kim davBG says

    Yeh, thats normal.

  16. Zoey Deal says

    whoever this bitch is needs to stop talking I hate her voice

  17. Olamide Bello says

    Im pretty sure kylie doesnt have 7 billion fans

  18. Mahealani Ching says

    The media acts like shes Eve who gave birth to mother Mary. People she isn’t the first 20 year old to have a child.

  19. Katarina B says

    Kylie "always wanted to be mom " ? Girl I new when I was 5 that I'm going to be a mom … So this is now like a career to be mom ?

  20. Sugar Plum says

    Well I think it’s weird how tyga got a Ferrari for then travis did the same thing like stop being a follower

  21. Naqueendoline Eigas says

    Like seriously she really needs to focus,because the sisters are smart enough to see that Travis is buying affection as Tyga is also a threat to him and both are rappers and bad boys or should i say players? She is materialistic and they want for their sister to wake up as the world is about to crash.

  22. vikki garcia says

    They weren't saying "tone it down" when Kim was posting nude selfies to social media. I love the Kardashians but they CA. Be real dumb asses sometimes lol

  23. K3Y says

    So her baby daddy bought het a car and now she's a child, sounds stupid

  24. maria garcia says

    she bought it for herself just like the one that supposedly tigar bought her for her 18 birthday
    she's so pathetic she fucks D list rappers and expects great gifts

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