Miley Cyrus’ Obsessed Fan


Keshia Knight Pulliam was evicted from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and Omarosa continues to spill tea about the Trump White House! Then, Miley Cyrus has an obsessed fan who was arrested…

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  1. dandylion hugs says

    How you doin? Im watching your videos.I love always your shows.don't quiet your shows.Thats your talk show.God bless you.

  2. songbird501 says

    I love Wendy, but I'm really concerned about her health. She looks gaunt. She needs to put on about 10-15 pounds, just my opinion. I know she's taking a medically recommended vacation, and I hope and pray that she is taking it easy and on the road to recovery.

  3. Hic et nunc says

    5:45 is that a guy with curled hair?

  4. Cheese Nibz says

    Why is her eyes getting big like that, Judge Mathis said Wendy was on that stuff.

  5. Kay FashionEnT says

    Something is definitely off about Wendy

  6. Shane Bruton says

    Can we all just appreciate the girls in the front row with the yellowy skirt on, that woman’s body is absolutely beautiful and she should be super fucking happy with herself❤️

  7. Benjamin Wellinger says

    Was she drunk?

  8. Olivia. Life says

    Wendy, good for you for taking time off!!!! It's clear something is very wrong with your health girlfriend. God bless.

  9. Marilyn Harris says

    Wendy is so High, ,,,pray for this lady,,,look at her eyes,,,

  10. Rae Franklin says

    Wendy acting strange asf

  11. J Fox Khajiit says

    what is wendys problem with Beyonce !!!!!

  12. Robert Cornelius says

    "Dead man walking."

  13. Bre Harris says

    Wendy is so sad I can’t believe she treats people so wrong

  14. Gracelike rain says

    Her breastmilk is depleted

  15. Gracelike rain says

    Susan gets on my nerves so fake

  16. NB says

    what is happening with her EYES?!???

  17. LovelyEM says

    Why are her eyes like that ?

  18. splendor Inthegrass says

    all the karma is coming to Wendy. She is literally a hot topic and clearly her life is in shambles.  She knows everyone that works there has been talking. there is so much drama going on behind the scenes…

  19. Angel Croley says

    No she didn’t say he has something wrong with him because he’s naturally, uniquely beautiful. He’s not going under a knife to look attractive to himself & others.]

  20. Nicole Falanka says

    Wendy really is the worst boss

  21. Emman says

    What is that noise? Lol

  22. Jackie Jackson says

    Wendy, you look drugged up boo

  23. Emmanuel E says

    Too much adderall?

  24. ENFÅON says

    that was juicy!

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