Kylie Jenner Swoons Over Baby Stormi’s Toes & Over $1 MILLION ‘Push Present’ from Travis Scott


We’ve got ourselves some video footage of not only Stormi Webster herself, but also the absurd push present Kylie Jenner was gifted from baby daddy Travis Scott. You’ve got to see this!…

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  1. Deathstroke Daguerre says


  2. Taylor Labuschagne says


  3. Eya Chakroun says

    Not first

  4. Shamari Howell says


  5. Chahat Chopra says

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetesttttttttttttttttttttttt evaaaaaaaa

  6. Aliesha Singleton says


  7. blanket white says


  8. Luca luca says

    Stupid kow…

  9. Cutiepies with CookiesNCandy says

    omg why do u guys care it's just a baby ok not hating but Kylie Jenner is a person stormi is just a baby and her car is only just that a car I mean god damn people act like she's the second coming in fact i wouldn't be surprised if y'all got down on both knees and prayed the father the son and Kylie Jenner like come on people she's literally just a ordinary person

  10. Silvia Villalobos says

    Jajaja will be Real Funny that the baby would Not be His …and he just pay that much for that Car ( in WICH it can safe starving babies all over the world)

  11. Patrica Dyson says

    This baby is white..

  12. blue says

    Oh wow, toes

  13. David Ellis says

    this host is too dramatic. ehh

  14. yavette witherspoon says

    She's literally copying Beyonce

  15. Thrifty Shades of Greene says


  16. Cathy Newman says

    I think Scott Dissick is the father of Kyle's baby that baby is not mixed race.

  17. Pleasant Grove says

    Sorry but now since I'm seeing how light her feet are and the fact she's almost a month old im thinking its not travis baby. Shes so light and she should have gotten her color by now. If it was tygas it would make sense because Travis is hella dark and she would have some color ATLEAST. Its like kimk and kanye look at the kids they all have some Colo because kanyes dark too. Never seen a mix that light when the dad is that dark.

  18. Elaine Bines says

    i worry about the Kardashian family – i just think they should reign in the publicity now

  19. Vanity_e Leon says

    This host is such a HATER!!! You would be ecstatic if you had this car gifted as well. AND just because she tweeted she didn't open Snapchat now a days, it doesnt mean she cant change her mind.

  20. Natalia Stornello says


  21. Lil Palm tree says

    My opinion bullshit, kardashian/jenner news only, Who cares, They’re rich of course She gets an ferrari, stormis cute but that irrelevant,

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