Dua Lipa Receives DEATH THREATS from Taylor Swift Fans for This HARMLESS Reason


Swifties, by definition, love and obsess over Taylor Swift and pretty much despise Kanye West. So what does that mean for celebrities who support both artists? Just ask Dua Lipa, who endured…

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  1. esmleo says

    Her fans are just as annoying as she is! like idol like fans i see

  2. Serg Arago says

    OMG that's such a dumb reason I mean I'm a Swifty Fan but doing something like that is just to far for me….I love Taylor but doing that to other artist is such useless reason plus if you like someone it doesn't mean all people should like him/her plus Dua have a reason for that so that makes sense

  3. Nadine 4 says

    175 views woow

  4. älä tule says

    im a huge #swiftie but i dont really care that much if someone likes Kanye because everyone can like what ever they like. And Dua Lipa never said she doesnt like Tay Tay who is Bae Bae

  5. idk :3 says

    Yall Taylor fans get a brain

  6. spyridon Megas says

    I support Taylor Swift

  7. fangurl says

    Dua just prefers that type of music what’s the big deal…

  8. red epic sunlight says

    I love my girl Taylor! But I don't give a shit about Kanye… But that doesn't mean you should be harassing other people for liking that guy!

  9. Kuk Luv says

    Dual is ten times better than Taylor and her swifty fans need to get a life!

  10. Bhardo awb says

    Taylor is great.
    Her fans….. not really.

  11. May Aquila says

    I love Taylor Swift
    But the other fans I don’t know about them.

  12. Jc Hall says

    Gawd , the media won't give up any opportunity to stir an OLD pot.   Taylor removed her self from their possible  click bait, so they have to drag out old stories.  Yawn.

  13. gabriel says

    fuck dua lipa!

  14. gabriel says

    fuck kanye west!

  15. Queen Bee says

    Man that’s ridiculous, people out there will literally take the smallest comment and make it huge

  16. Stephanie Rodriguez says

    Im definitely not a swiftie

  17. 弗里克 says

    old Taylor…

  18. Nestor Silos says

    I'm not upset because of it I was upset with the Katy perry picture on
    Her Instagram

  19. Natalia Stornello says

    I agree with Swifties

  20. yuli yulia says

    Taylor is crazy …and stupid she always jealous with everyone I love dua lipa .she is beautiful in and out dua lipa is perfect young and beautiful her his is golden Taylor voice is such Taylor is copy cat Avril ..

  21. yuli yulia says

    dua lipa the best for everything…

  22. Driton London says

    If she like more Kanye West..so this is fine, what is the problem, this dont mean she dont like Swift !

  23. Eya Chakroun says

    We all know that these are not swifties ..

  24. Cat says

    So does she actually hate Taylor or does she just like rap more than pop? Also celebs need to stop answering these deathtrap questions

  25. Riley Anderson says

    This is crazy. First they bombarded Karlie's Instagram with rat emojis for hanging out with Katy Perry and now this! Do these 'swifties' even realize how offended they will feel about this? They may even start having negative feelings towards Taylor for this. They can be Taylor's friends but at the end of the day they are independent people who don't feel obliged to be all for Taylor. I won't be surprised if both Karlie and Dua wishes to keep their relationship with Taylor at arm's length after this.

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